Oscars's are over and for the"Final Look" of that night, which you all may have already peeped out at the Elton John's after party. I took Tara from her side sweeping curls to a faux hawk and fishtail. For Johnny, we did a "Rockabilly" or "Greasers" look and... Read More
Sorry for the delay. Although Sunday was very exciting and busy, it was very exhausting. I am glad that beautiful evening came to an end. A sista needed to recover. Just a little bit with what went on behind the scenes Sunday.After their fitting Tara and Johnny stopped by to start their... Read More
In light of all the excitment of the Oscar nominations, next to it is who will be wearing what on the red carpet. So who will make the "Best Hair" list and have the total package this year at the Oscar's?  I don't know but I do know two people who will be memorable, Tara... Read More