To Wear or Not to Wear a Lace Wig???

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
Rai B. Mason

 Looking on Facebook the other day and came across the horrific Countess Vaughn story. I'm sure you all have seen the circulating story, really sad. In case you have not read or heard about it, long story short, she had really bad side affects from wearing lace front wigs daily. The side affects were infection, discoloration, pain and hair loss. Wearing wigs or lace wigs are not a problem when done correctly, but when you add wearing wigs daily and glue in the mix that's when you have a problem.

 I am truly sorry that lace wigs were ever sold to the public for everyday wear. I have seen some tragedies walking around since this fast catching trend of DIY lace wigs, trying to look like our known lace wig wearers like Tyra, Beyonce or Wendy Williams. 

Honestly ladies lace wigs and fronts were really meant for the professionals to apply on actors and actresses to give a realness to the hair on tv, film and theatre for a undetectable look on camera, or reality, I suppose. The actual application requires more and careful steps than some of what you may be viewing on YouTube. Many are hip to wearing them now and have even come up with some clever ideas to wearing them. Eventually, wouldn't one have to think that this couldn't be good, shaving off or applying glue to the hairline daily?! Too much of anything isn't good for you. I think modesty is the best policy, like only wearing them on a special occasion.

These forms of applications were definitely not meant to be used daily at home. Daaangeroussss!!!  This hair accessory, if you will say, is definitely best if left to trained professionals to apply. I have been trained through my union on how to properly apply, clean and style. It's a bit more tidious than what you think but it's worth it if you are  spending big bucks on your custom lace wigs. This wearing wigs or lace wigs isn't for everyone, but there are some other ways to a more natural look while protecting your hair. I am a weave wearer so I have played around and tried different ways for a more natural look with my hair completely covered. I've gotten positive feed back. I will definitely do it again and introduce it to my clients as an alternative. 


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