It's Emmy's week with Rai Part 2..."About Emmy Night"

Monday, June 23rd, 2014
Rai B. Mason

So the weekend started off right on thursday with the party, seeing who is who and all that jazzz, but what about Emmy night, did I win something, tie again or what?

Well, about that night...

This year I was nominated with "Days of Our Lives". We were up against "Young and Restless" my old crew with whom I received my first Emmy and "Bold and Beautiful", who I also worked with early in my carreer. All the shows had pretty good teams running up against each other, however the winner was ........ 

(Lol. I'm trying to keeping you wondering.)

"The Bold and Beautiful". Congrats to them!

I'm not sad about it. It's alllll good. You win some, you lose some.

My peeps were more disappointed than I was though. Thanks for the love and support, much appreciated and nice to know there are people in your corner cheering you on.

My weekend did not end there. One of my current shows, "Access Hollywood" was nominated to. Heyyy!!!

I believe it was their first time being nominated but I could be wrong. That was good news, so duty called. I had to pack up my tools and get Shaun Robinson ready for the red carpet. We kept it simple with a sleek ponytail. Easy breezy.

Surprisingly my day did not end there, I got invited to a couple of after parties to celebrate their wins. It was nice. Nothing crazy. That's how I ended my weekend. Kind of nice.

Now I'm trying to recover. I neeeed sleep!

Til next time. I'm signing out.