"It's Emmy's Week with Rai"

Saturday, June 21st, 2014
Rai B. Mason

Yes, so I was up for nomination a third time. This time for "Days of Our Lives". Kind of exciting being nominated. So last week was very busy. It was all about getting ready for the "Daytime Creative Arts Emmy's awards". It's kind of special. The people actually acknowledge and show they appreciate our skill by awarding "Us", the hard working union members who creatively come together to create a total look to make dreams a reality for entertainment. Nice right?! I mean they don't have to I suppose.


Thursday was the Emmy nominee's party, which set a nice tone for what was to be expected. The peoples spirits were up, we were out of the our work environment and came to mingle. We got to meet, greet and congratulate fellow nominee's. It was fun and productive. Great time to network and make new connections.


Nicer than all of that is me being able to share these experiences with my fam bam, I think I should. They have been down for me since day one. They have been my backbone, my support system and encouragement to keep moving forward in doing what I love. They keep me grounded and from being big headed, on that "Hollywood" tip. They give me balance along with my faith. I truly appreciate it. 

Someone dear to me once said, "Expect nothing and appreciate everything." I say, "Count your blessings and never be envious". I try to live by that. I'd say I have gotten pretty far from it but its tough.


Enough with the sentimental stuff y'all are probably like, "Did you win or not"?

To be continued.....




Pre-Emmy party at the London Hotel
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