Best Clarifying Hair Shampoos....

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
Rai B. Mason

When it comes to purchasing products you no doubtly want it to be the right purchase. You are purchasing these hair products for a solution to your problem. Who has money to waste anyway, right? Not I. 

When your problem is dull, lifeless, weighed down and oily hair, then you need the right hair product to correct this.
To rid your strands of all the oils and build up, your first step should be to use a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying your hair is very important step if you want those strands to "bounce and behave". It leaves your strands like a clean canvas so to speak to start fresh on. Be aware that it can be drying because it does strip the hair of  build up and its natural oils as well. Be sure to follow behind your clarifying shampoo with a hydrating ,moisturizing shampoo or whatever your preference (volumizing or smoothing). 
There are many clarifying shampoos to choose from but here are a few top selections that get the job done:  

  1. Paul Mitchell ~ Clarify shampoo two ~ deeply cleanses oily hair and scalp; leaves hair fresh, shiny and full of body &/or
  2. Clarify shampoo three ~ removes build up from hair ; strengthens your strands ; deep cleansers help remove chlorine, iron, minerals and medication  
  3. KeraCare ~1st Lather shampoo ~ removes build up without stripping the hair of its natural oils; sulfate free
  4. Lemon Fluff ~ removes build up, not too drying
  5. Secret Styling Premium Cleansing shampoo ~ gently cleanses your strands of build up while imparting proteins and moisture too, leaving hair clean; ( better product choice for dry hair )


secret styling shampoo
squeaky clean hair
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