Alopecia Areata, Breakage, Split Ends....

Sunday, March 30th, 2014
Rai B. Mason

First of all if you are doing your own hair and you are experiencing any of these 3 sypmtoms, STOP!!! Make an appointment to consult with a professional licensed hair dresser to help assist you with nourishing your hair back to health. During the consultation openly and honestly share your hair journey with them, such as your hair regimen, treatments and any chemicals applied in the last 2 years. Trust me all of that matters if you want to get back to a happy place.

Keeping your hair done is defintely an investment and a darn good one in my opinion. African American woman already have it hard when it comes to rocking our natural texture and tend to be judged a little harshly by our hair in the work place. This unfortunately causes us to stress and go to straight hairstyles, slick dem edges, and/or pull a little tighter than neccessary, in which these processes can lead to our hair issues. This topic, hair and the work place can be a whole other blog though... I'll save that for a later date.

They said, "Never trust a girl with when her tracks are showing because she don't care about nothing."  Well i feel that way when see any woman come out the house and her hair isn't combed. Just sayin.

Now to the leading causes for  alopecia areata, breakage and split ends: 

  • ​Excessive heat
  • Chemical Treatments (color,relaxers,perms)
  • Over Processing
  • Tension
  • Improper Combing/Brushing of the hair
  • Environment/Weather

​Here are some Solutions: 

  • Seek a licensed hair dresser
  • Styling Tools: Use heat protectants; Do not pass thru your hair too many times with the irons; Medium heat to Cool dryer time. (leave high heat for the professional)
  • Combing/Brushing: Use wide tooth combs and vent brushes: Start at the ends of yourhair strands and work your way up to the roots.
  • Chemicals: Give yourself more time in between chemical retouches. Do not pull (relaxers/perm. color) thru the ends on already processed hair. If your are rocking a short,short cut it may not apply because it is most likely being cut frequently. Still be careful. Protein treatments to prevent further breakage. 
  • Environment/Weather: Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Use products with spf in them and are always out in the sun. Swimmers, clarify, hydrate and leave in conditioner.
  • Tension: Stear away from tight pony tails, twists and braids; Alternative hair styles that will work for your lifestyle; Root stimulaters;Wigs;Patience; Stress less; Helps with alopecia areata
  • Cuts/Trims: Regular trim (if necessary); Cut off and start over; Split end menders (Joico K-Pak spit end mender)



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