New Mom?! Well things like styling your hair and keeping yourself together maybe the last thing on your mind. Which stands to reason because like any new mom you haven't had enough sleep to give a care about yourself. It's all about that new baby love. Awww so preciuos.All though mommy... Read More
Soo a good friend of mine came to me with this beauty product raving about how amazing it is and how it gets rid of your wrinkles, fine lines and bags and why I should check it sincei work in the beauty business. Well if you know me of course seeing is believeing. So she came over to my place... Read More
The key to healthy coloured hair is to keep your strands moisturized and hydrated with the right hair products.Its important to use products made specifically for colour treated hair that help with the hairs pH balance and moisture.With pre-lightened hair, blondes or over processed hair it... Read More